Beating The System: My Life in the Foster Care, is the story of Marquis Williams and his turbulent childhood, as he tried desperately to figure out society while never knowing his father and having to deal with the consequences of violent outbursts from an unpredictable mother.


Torn from his siblings and grandmother at the age of eight, then continuously relocated from one foster home to another, Marquis found his life almost echoing that of his wayward mother, with only the joy of the game of basketball to soothe the agonies and confusion he endured. Read his story, from an introverted kid who just wanted to have a normal life, to a well-adjusted adult making the right decisions.


Beating The System: will challenge us all to take a deeper look at underserved children, and reflect on what we can do to help make a difference in others lives, all while simultaneously changing our preconceptions of the Foster Care System.

Beating The System - Paperback

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